Release Build

 What is the Source Type ?
 What is the Total Size Of Installed Files ?
 What is the Number Of Installed Files ?
 Does it Install Services ?
 Does it Create any ODBC Entry ?
 Number of 'Dynamic' Line in Std INI File
 Non INI 'Dynamic'Config File
 Does it Create Environment Variable(s) ?
 Are we Using Merge Modules ?
 Do we Need to Detect Prerequisite(s) ?
 De we need to Set File(s) / Registry Right ?
 Do we need additional Software for Technical Testing ?
 Do we Create Specific Shortcuts ?
 Do we need Specific Hardware For Technical Testing ?
 Do we need Custom Actions ?
 Does it install Hardware / Software Driver ?
 Do we need ot Extract MSI (From Legacy Setup) ?
 Do we need to Disable or Modify Install Condition ?
 Do we need to Modify Manufacturer Custom Action ?
 Do we Need license ? What Type ?
 Is this a Major / Minor Upgrade ?
 Do we need to Test on more than One Master (Platform)
 Any Complexity not listed ?